Eagle ss mk III purchased March 1986 registered May 1986. This Eagle kit car is based on a 2.0 Ford Cortina. This Car was used as the advert picture by Eagle Cars in Kitcar mags.

The nose shape bonnet, I am informed, was designed by Eagle to accommodate the 2 litre Pinto engine I intended to have fitted.  

Used as a daily runabout for first 2 years. Then decided to change the shape of the side skirts.

Shaped side skirts where fashioned along with a rear tail spoiler. We also removed the rear engine air vents. Car was resprayed for the next eight years the car was used daily and then taken off the road approx 1996 for rebuild. 

Due to one thing and another the car sat in the garage for 10 years until my son and I started January 2006 to continue with the rebuild. 


New in this build.

Pinto 2.1 steel con rods, V6 pistons, balanced and lightened crank and flywheel etc etc.

New loom made, double cooling fans from 205 with new radiator, we have never had any cooling problems since with our eagle.

Re-shaped radiator grill, new front indicators, New rear lights, Bumper lowered and number plate light added.

Windscreen pillar covers.

Car MOT’d, Taxed and insured and ready for the road.


Restoration Pics

Here are some restoration Pictures, before and after. Click on each image to enlarge.


Before After